Jefferies Umbrella Fund

Please note that the Jefferies Umbrella Fund ("Fund"), by an Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders as of 20 May 2015, was placed into liquidation. 

An advance on the liquidation proceeds has already been paid to the shareholders with value date 28 August 2015. 

On January 2016 a further Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders was held and a resolution to close the liquidation of the Fund was approved. The final liquidation proceeds will be paid to the shareholders in cash, most probably by 15 January at the latest. Any shareholders who cannot be contacted will have their respective liquidation proceeds deposited with the Luxembourg Caisse de Cosignation. 

Should you need further precisions about the liquidation, please feel free to directly contact Mrs Isabelle Dufour, Client Relationship Manager at KBL, who will liaise with the liquidator:


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